Which SMA should I use?

I am designing a RF circuit (0.1-6GHz) with sp8t switch(HMC321ALP4E) and transfer switch(HMC427ALP3E) and I will have to use SMA connectors.
My trace width is 0.38mm.
I added my pcb SMA pictures below. The vertical one is must, I cant place it on edge, It has to be in the middle of circuit and there are many of them, so it is important for me.

My questions are,

1- What kind of SMA should I use for vertical type SMA? Through hole type or with no holes and just soldering it on pcb? How should I connect it to pcb, 5 holes or
4 holes? Which product do you recommend.
2- Vertical pcb mount SMAs usually has large center pins, and my signal trace is 0.38mm. I think this will be a problem, will it be? What do you recommend