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Output Linearization of AD8364 for RF Power Measurement

I'm developing a microprocessor monitored and controlled RFPA that outputs +30dBm to +61dBm CW between 10MHz to 15MHz. To accomplish this, I need to be able to measure RMS power with at least 40dBm of dynamic range; preferably 50dBm.

There are a number of excellent RMS power detectors available that meet my requirements, like the AD8364, except that they all have a linear-in-dB response.  This logarithmic response causes compression of the measurement at high power levels when sampling with an ADC.

The response I need is linear-in-Watts or linear-in-volts to avoid the compression. I know I can use the microprocessor to do the conversion, but that does not eliminate the loss of resolution.

Any ideas for how I can convert the output of a linear-in-dB detector to linear-in-Watts or linear-in-volts before the ADC?

Thanks for your time!

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