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Multiple HMC807 on one SPI bus / Lock Detect

We are using 8 HMC807 Devices on the same SPI Bus. My question pertains to how we can use the lock detect function when all the devices are sharing the same LD_SDO Line. 

Using the Evaluation Board and GUI, I have found that the Lock detect can be disabled via the following Registers:

xB - pfd_LD_opEn

x7 - lkd_enable

In my experience with the evaluation kit, after using the default register file for integer mode with 50mhz reference and observing the GUI to say "Locked".

 When opening the "detailed GUI View", The LD_SDO line only goes low if I write a 0 to x7 - lkd_enable.

The LD_SDO line seems to be unaffected by toggling the xB - pfd_LD_opEn register bit.

Can someone advise on the proper way to disable the Lock detect function of the LD_SDO pin?

Additionally, Is there any other means to detect a lock on each individual HMC807 if they are all sharing the same SPI Bus(LD_SDO)?