ADF5902 Power control detector & CE function

Hi all,

Our customer will start to evaluate the EV-ADF5902SD1Z.

They have following questions.

Please advice to us.

1.Power control detector

In the datasheet,here it is.

"Each transmitter channel contains a power control circuit. There is also an on-chip temperature sensor."

We know an on-chip temperature sensor can be accessed on the ATEST pin or as a digital word on DOUT following an ADC conversion.

In the Figure 1 each TX OUT , the diode conect from each TX OUT to ADC.

We understand the diode detector can not be accessed, on-chip internal use only for setting the transmitter amplitude level and calibrating.

Is it correct ?

2.CE function

In the datasheet,here it is.

"Chip Enable. A logic low on this pin powers down the device. Taking the pin high powers up the device."

Hardware Power-Down Mode:

When CE is high to low power down, what function is power down on-chip ?

When CE is low to high power up, Initialization Sequence and Recalibration Sequence must be need ? Register setting must be re-writed ?

Software Power-Down Mode:

In the Register R0, after all functions are power-up, Initialization Sequence and Recalibration Sequence must be need ?

3.CE function @ ADF5902 GUI

Following the GUI red marking, Chip Enable is two tabs, "High/Low" and "Send".

We can not find the information for this "Send" function to use CE pin (Hardware Power-Down Mode).

What is the "Send" function ?

When is the timming to "Send" ?

"High" to "Low" and "Send" ? and "Low" to "High" and "Send" ? Each every time must be need ?

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