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HMC807 Phase Noise performance

I use SIMPLL simulation the HMC807.

I get wose phase nosie than data sheet showed.

We have own reference 10MHz performance as below:

Simulation result:

  • Sorry to hear you're still having problems however a simulation is just that, a good estimate of what to expect - it's not perfect and it's only as good as the data and assumptions behind it. Measured data is real. 

    Please share the loop filter values that go with the above simulation, the values you actually used for measured data (if different for some reason), the measured data and the register file; perhaps there's something more we can do to help but won't know until I can evaluate the actual results.

    The datasheet lists typical performance values; process variation may result in a difference of a dB or two even at room temperature. It's hard to say based on the information I've received so far whether a problem exists as you haven't shared any measured data. 

    Best regards, 


  • Thanks.I will measure it.

    The loop filter as below: