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ADL5513 Low Frequency Operation & Temperature data @ 50MHz

Hi all,

Our customer design the ADL5513 @ 50 MHz.

However the datasheet shows no performance information/expectations below 100MHz.

Can you provide some details please as to specs and graphs down at or near 50 MHz ?

For example,

1.Datasheet 3 page ~,

FREQUENCY = 50 MHz specification


2.Datasheet 9 page ~,

VOUT and Log Conformance vs. Input Amplitude at 50 MHz

Deviation vs. Temperature


3.Datasheet 17 page,


How is the Recommended VTADJ Values @ 50MHz ?

Best regards,


  • Greetings sss@jpn,

    Sorry, we do not have characterization data for ADL5513 at 50 MHz. Because of the broadband design of the device, we would expect 50 MHz performance to be very similar to the 100 MHz performance. Both 50 MHz and 100 MHz are considered low operating frequencies for this device, which means that the internal frequency-limiting parasitic elements are generally not significant. Please use the 100 MHz data for customer design. 

    Note that for low frequency operation, the capacitor on CLPF should be increased, as explained in the datasheet text and equation, just below the Figure 27. If CFLT is too large, the detector will be slow to respond. If CFLT is too small, the RF and RF harmonic frequencies will leak through to the output.