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ADRF6720-27 evaluation board output power


we plan to use ADRF6720-27 in our project,

but we can't achieve output power which mentioned in datasheet at the evaluation board output. 

for example for output freq. 1.9GHz (2.7V input bias, 0.5Vpp at each of 4 BB inputs) output power is only 3.3dBm and according to datasheet it should be 4.5dBm. 

Should we consider this 1.2 dB as a losses of the eval board?



  • Hi Sergey,

    Sorry for late.

    I don't have the trace loss data on evaluation board but it would not be that much. I may be around 0.5dB at that frequency(1.9GHz). Some portion of output power difference can be from part-part variation as you can see it on Figure 4. It is about 0.4dB (4.2~4.6dBm @ 1.9GHz, 25C). And make sure input voltage is 1Vp_p differential at the pins on DUT and assuming the cable loss is calibrated out. It is not exact trace loss information but I wish it helps you.



  • Hi Tony, 

    Thank you! The cable losses were calibrated but if we take into account 0.5dB of RF trace losses, unit to unit variation and chip temperature (it was around 50C on the chip package) then 3.3dBm looks good.