Supplying power to the HMC590LP5 evaluation board

We have a HMC590LP5E board and I have connected the bottom (+) and top (-) rows of the board's pin header to a power supply. However, the board ends up drawing far too much current (~2A at just 2.5V).

Should I not be supplying Vdd 1-4 all at once?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 29, 2019 8:37 PM

    Hi finnhambly,

    VDD 1-4 should be connected together to a single VDD power supply. Do you have negative voltage applied to VGG when you turn on VDD? If not, the HMC590LP4 might have been damage because the device was not properly pinched off.

    For proper turn on sequencing:

    1. Make sure all supplies are set to 0V and RFIN is turned off.

    2. Set VGG = -2V

    3. Set VDD = 5V (you should see almost no current draw on VDD supply)

    4. Slowly increase VGG from -2V to 0V until 820mA of current draw is present from VDD supply.

    5. Apply RF input power

    For proper turn off sequencing:

    1. Turn off RF input power

    2. Set VGG = -2V

    3. Set VDD = 0V

    4. Set VGG = 0V



  • Hi,

    Do you have data for VGG vs IDQ for this device?

    The datasheet does not specify the VGG to achieve 820mA IDQ. 

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