Part numbers extensions

There is different between part number in datasheet and what is sold in store.
for example:

in datasheet we have only:

but is store we have:


How can I understand what are exactly these extended character meaning? is there any reference?

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    on May 24, 2019 6:05 PM

    In the examples you gave above, there is no difference in the individual parts.  The  -RL7 indicates that the parts will be delivered in a 7 inch tape and reel and minimum quantity is 1500 pieces.  For lower quantities, part should be delivered in a tray.

    I see in the datasheet, the ADF5904 comes in an Automotive Qualified model: ADF5904WCCPZ, which is designated by the "W". 

    "Z" designates RoHS compliant parts.

    See the Ordering Guide in the last page of the datasheet for more information.