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Phase detector of the HMC807LP6CE does not work - 3

To Marty Richardson

Hi Marty !

Thanks a lot for your help. I've programmed in the proper sequence, but it does not work yet. Voltage on the pin 18 (CP) is zero, although REG 9 [23:21] and [20:18] is set to 010. 

I have a question about the programming of some registers. In FAQ it is recommended: Reg 6 702F87h (configure the Delta-Sigma Modulator for Fractional Mode). What does it mean? Should I program first the recommended value 702F87h, and after that set required value or can I program my value right away? The same question is about other registers with recommended values.

The comparison frequency is 10 MHz, R=1.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards, Dmitry.