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About the HMC7992's power handling

Hi everyone.

What's mean about the "High power handling"  in the datasheet of HMC7992. Can I think it is the P1-db equaly in some time. 

BR to you

  • and how to test the “power handling

  • Hi Lciendf,

    If you look at Table 1 of the datasheet (electrical specifications), we have listed the input compression (P1dB and P0.1dB) values. This information is also graphically represented in pages 9 and 10.

    In table 1, we also state the recommended maximum RF input power over test conditions (through path, terminated path, or hot switching). As the power handling for this part is breakdown voltage limited, we do not recommend operating at power levels higher than this.

    Table 4 (Absolute Maximum Ratings) states the absolute maximum RF input power that can be applied. Please note, stresses at or above the AMR may cause permanent damage to the part.