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Can HMC943APM5 power amp be biased with HMC980LP4E bias controller?

I'd like to know if the HMC943APM5 >1.5 W (34 dBm), 24 GHz to 34 GHz, GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, Power Amplifier can be biased with the HMC980LP4E high current active bias controller? In the first instance I propose using the eval board of each device - is that feasible?

  • The HMC980LP4E can bias HMC943APM5 up to 1.6A maximum, however IDD need to be set higher than 1.6A in order to support higher output level at higher RF input drive. Below here is plot from HMC943APM5 datasheet showing constant gate voltage bias where IDD increases with RF input power. As an example, in order for HMC943APM5 to reach output power of 32dBm, IDD will need to be set to 1.8A under constant current bias.



  • Hi David, I think you've maybe misread the plot? The red curve crosses the current axis at 1800 mA but that curve is for Pout. The black Idd curve for current goes up to 1600 mA at full saturation.

    So, restating my question, does this confirm that the HMC980LP4E bias controller is suitable for biasing the HMC943APM5 power amp?