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HMC815 - suitable bias controller

I'm looking at doing a design with HMC815, but due to the bias requirement of the device, it looks like I would have to use a bias controller.

The controller that looks most suitable for my needs are HMC981, but with this being max 200mA, and the HMC815 wanting 270mA, I would guess this is stretching it too far? Is the HMC980 in any way the same DIE?

If so, as far as I can determine, the only alternative then is HMC920? Given that board space is at a premium (doing soft substrate) and this requires somewhat large external components.  This controller is also more expensive than I'd like. 

I guess what I'm after is a idea on how to bias this chip, I feel like I'm missing something quite obvious here. 

BR. Thomas.

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