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Difference between I/Q mixer and I/Q demodulator


I need a I/Q mixer (down converter). Transmitter signal is CW unmodulated. LO and RF frequency are same (4 GHz). HMC8193 is good, but its expensive. What is difference between I/Q mixer and I/Q demodulator? Can i use ADL5380 (I/Q demodulator) as a I/Q mixer? Why ADL5380 is very cheaper than HMC8193?

Do i need external LPF for filtering DC components, if i use HMC8193 or ADL5380?

Thank you.

  • The HMC is single ended, passive mixer, while the ADL is balanced and active. To use the ADL in a single ended design, you will probably require baluns and some power supply voltage. In the long run, this may not be cheaper than the HMC. You will need some blocking capacitors to remove DC, depending on your IF frequency.