Regarding ADL5382 I and Q output

 I am using ADL5382 demod eva board.I have given RF of 1200MHz at 0dBm and LO of 1200.1MHz at 8dBm.The I and Q data output is measuring Vp-p of 80mV in the scope.If i feed 1201MHz as LO, output at I and Q is 189mV.If LO is 1200.01MHz , output at I and Q is 33mV.Please clarify why there is a difference in the level.

I need output of +10dBm I and Q from 10kHz to 100KHz with 50ohms finally. So i have planned to use video amplifier at the output of ADL5382.

Kindly clarify whether i can achieve this level or not?

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