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We want to use HMC129A to down-convert a frequency 2.5 GHz to base-band.

But first we want to analyze this part with Advanced design system (Keysight ADS) to check if the part meets our requirement.

Is there any model for this part to be imported in ADS Schematic to analyze Image Rejection in this frequency?

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  • Hi,

    We do not have an ADS model for the HMC129ALC4. HMC129ALC4 operates from 4GHz to 8 GHz so this part might not cover your frequency range. Also it seems like you need image rejection for this application and the HMC129ALC4 is only a double balanced mixer which cannot provide image rejection on its own.

    I think a better fit for your application would be the HMC8193 which is both an image reject mixer and fits your frequency range,


  • Hi ,

    Thanks. I will check HMC8193.

    So in general , except S-Parameter simulation , there is no way to simulate behavioral model of parts in simulators like 


    Do you have any suggestion for verifying such system in simulators?


    Best Regard

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