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LTC5548 Mixer as phase detector


I want to use the LTC5548 as a phase detector for two 6GHz signals.

How do I know what voltage level to expect. So far i assumed it to use a ring-diode setup and guessed the IF-voltage to be something like:


With V1 and V2 being the amplitudes of the LO- and RF- 6GHz signals and Δφ being their phase difference. The multiplication coming from the law for multiplication of same-frequency cosines:  V1*cos(ωt)*V2*cos(ωt+Δφ)=0.5*V1*V2*(cos(Δφ)+cos(2*ωt))

Also, in a ring diode mixer I should find some transformers for potential isolation, meaning i could shift that IF voltage up by applying a DC source.

Are these working assumptions for the LTC5548 mixer or does it for example incorporate a differently functioning mixer core?

Thanks in advance!