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HMC346AMS8GE Single-Line Control Drive

Dataseat of P5, V2 doesn't always fluctuate by 0V to V1 change, is it right?

I terminal connection resistance is bigger than 500 Ω of operation amplifier positive input connection resistance by 600 Ω, so OPAMP output always becomes positive.

  • Hi,

    The terimation resistor of the reference attenuator was supposed to be 500ohm, it was measured 600ohm.

    However HMC346AMS8GE was characterized by using 500 Ohm resistor connected from positive input terminal of opamp to ground in the single line driver circuit.

    This resistor sets I port resistance to 500ohm (I is the input of reference attenuator; output of reference attenuator is terminated to a fix resistor measured as 600ohm) and so input/output impedance of RF attenuator to 50ohm as there is 1 to 10 ratio between RF attenuator and reference attenuator.

    I also did some measurements changing the resistor from 500 Ohm to 600 Ohm, it did not make any significant change on attenuation and return loss responses..