AD8362 Front End Filter Help

Hi all,

I am designing a RF power detection circuit that is capable of detecting frequencies between 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz. I am keen to add a filter on the front end of the AD8362 and the component that I would like to use is the LFB182G by Murata. From their datasheet, it seems like their filter also acts as a balun so I will be using the RF power detector in differential mode. Is this component compatible with the AD8362? If so, do I still need to add DC blocking capacitors on the inputs (INHI, INLO)? Can you suggest a filter that is better suited? 

Many thanks!

  • Hello.

    I think regarding the blocking capacitors you are right, they are possible to omit. I see a problem with output impedance matching of the MuRata BPF. This component is suited for TI CC253x, CC254x, CC8520 (acc. datasheet is impedance 69 + j29 Ohm) while RMS detector AD8362 has got input diff. impedance 200Ohm.

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