Packaged Part Numbers

Are these the correct packaged part numbers for the following die products?
HMC913-Die = HMC913LC4B
HMC907A-Die = HMC907APM5E

If so, where can I locate the schematics for following evaluation boards?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 30, 2019 9:10 PM

    Hello Jetheo,

    The HMC913 SDLVA design has two product pages with separate datasheets on the website. For bare die, simply order HMC913 (no suffix). Orders with the suffix LC4B would indicate the ceramic packaged part. 

    Schematic of the packaged part demo board is shown within HMC913LC4B datasheet. See page 8. If Video Out is driving a longer length of output cable, change to R3= 50 Ohms, for example, to isolate the internal output amplifier from the cable capacitance and provide source termination. If you need additional demo board details, please advise. 

    Because SDLVA's are specialty products, you may want to engage a conversation with your local Analog Devices FSE or FAE. He/she will make sure you get the correct parts within your required time frame.

    The same FSE or FAE could help arrange support for the obsolete HMC907.