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Please teach me the concrete detail circuit for Impedance matching of X,Y and Z of ADL5391

Thanks for your technical support reply through last email.

I know that ADL5391 present a differential 500 Ω input impedance up to approximately 700 MHz on datasheet.

I intend to use ADL5391 at RF frequency, 791 MHz.
How much Impedance value does Input Impedance of X,Y, and Z of ADL5391 have correctly, when this part operates at 791 MHz ?
and in this case I'd like to know Impedance of Output pin, W.

In addition, Could you tell me concrete detail circuit for Impedance matching between 50 ohm of SMA cable and input Impedance with high ohm of X,Y,and Z of ADL5391 ?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.

With Best Regards,

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