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ADF4001 Initialization/CE Pin


I'm working on a design that uses the ADF4001 and I'm having a hard time with the initialization process.  I'm using the procedure of setting the MUXOUT pin to AVDD and DGND to try to validate that the latches are being loaded properly and it isn't working.  I've checked a lot things, including probing the CLK/DATA/LE pins with a logic analyzer and I'm pretty sure I'm generating the right timing sequence.  I am following the "Initialization Latch Method" of programming (INIT latch, R latch, N latch).

One thing I am starting to wonder about is my use of the CE pin.  On my current board this pin is tied directly to DVDD (no other connections to this pin).  The datasheet doesn't provide much information about the timing requirements of this pin, but I'm wondering if I have a problem by bringing this pin high immediately at the same time that the device is powering on.  Some parts don't like that.  I also notice that there are some capacitors on the ADF4001 evaluation board between the CE pin and ground, which also made me wonder about timing.

I would welcome any thoughts about this, or general advice on how to debug the initialization of an ADF4001. I realize this is an old part.  

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