Failure of Attenuator(HMC802)

I am using 20dB attenuator(HMC802) which was working when tested earlier by feeding -30dBm power at 2250Mhz.  Today, I tested again , the same power and frequency was given as earlier.  In spectrum analyzer it shows -37dBm power. Even after changing the control signals(which is active low), the power is constant. The control signals are changed using a SPDT switch which can handle upto 3A of current.

There is no shorting of power supply and control voltage is also changing between 0 and 5V by the use of a SPDT switch.

Power supply given is 5V

Control Voltage 5V means no attenuation

Control Voltage 0V means 20 dB Attenuation

I had faced this problem many times. Please  reply me as soon as possible, the reason why it is not working and what steps should be taken to avoid such things to happen.