ADRF5020-Channel to channel isolation

Dear Sir/Ma'am

In datasheet RF1,RF2,RFC,these pin are mentioned as dc-coupled to 0 V and ac matched to 50 Ω. No dc blocking capacitor is necessary when the RF line potential is equal to 0 V dc.

1.Incase these pins are connected with resistive(varies 5Ohms to 1000Ohms) or inductive (Refer Image) load, will RF line potential is equal to 0 V dc or not?

2.Will it affect the channel to channel isolation,If it affected the isolation, how to overcome ( DC blocking capacitor required or not ) ?

3.Whether dc blocking capacitor required for cascade (refer image) two or more ADRF5020 ?

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Karthik santhanam

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  • Hi,

    RF line potential will 0Vdc when a resistor or inductor is connected from RF2  to ground. However RF performances would be affected as the RF ports are ac matched to 50ohm. ADRF5020 was tested in 50ohm system. 

    No DC blocking capacitor is required between ADRF5020 parts as all the RF ports have seem dc potential of 0V. 


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