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Programming ADRF6720-27

I have a ADRF6720-27 EVAL Board. The evaluation software runs fine. What I want to do is to load a program into the EEPROM (24LC641) such that the board generates stepped frequency from 700MHz to 2 GHz.

I suppose this can be achieved if the program drives the three GPIO pins (say 33, 34, 35 in CY7C68013a) to drive the SPI slave (ADRF 6720-27) using bit-banging.

Installing the FX2LP-USB software detects the board correctly. My question is: in the IDE Keil uVision, which header files do I include while writing the program? There are many files in a demo project like bulkloop.c, which ones do I modify and which ones should be left as it is for my own purpose mentioned in the 1st and 2nd paragraph?