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ADF4360-7 generate 350 MHz by using 30 nH is ok ,but can not generate 1.0GH by using 3.1nH

ADF4360-7 generate 350Mhz clock by using 30 nH to drive HMCAD1511 ,HMCAD1511 is work,

oscilloscope can   see  the 350MHZ clock.

but generate 1.0GH clock by using 3.1nH to drive HMCAD1511,HMCAD1511 is not work , 

oscilloscope can not  see the 1.0GHZ clock.

Is it someting different between  the two usage scenario? 

I think maybe i loss some detail in the  ADF4360-7 andHMCAD1511.

please help me.

Thanks a lot!

Best wish!