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FMCW generation using PLL evaluation board

Hi Folks,

I wish to generate 2.3-2.6 GHz triangular/saw-tooth chirp using a PLL with very good phase noise performance for a FMCW radar project.

Could anyone suggest which evaluation board (as i would like to have a connectorized access to fit in already designed part of the hardware) would be most suitable (performance and cost) for my application. Also, kindly let me know if there can be a internal (preferable as may be better quality i assume) or external triggering option to trigger the FM-ramp through a suqare-wave, this will be useful to synchronize with my existing hardware.

Thanks for any feedback/comments/suggestions.



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  • Hi, We don't have too many PLLs with in-built ramp generators. Your options are ADF4158. Or the updated version of it ADF4159 (similar parts but the latter has better PN performance and higher max frequency range). There are two versions of ADF4159 eval board, one with a VCO on it and one where you will need to either have a VCO soldered down or connect the VCO externally (and design and populate the loop filter appropriately). We also have the ADF5901 eval board which covers the 24 GHz ISM band and includes the Tx chip and ADF4159 PLL.

    Please see this link for info on how to simulate ramps with ADIsimPLL, our free software.

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