Is it possible to use as "Vcco=+1.2V" ?

I can't find specification of input range for Vcci and Vcco.
(It seems that "Vee" is required as fixed value "-2V".)

The condition of "Electrical Specification" in data sheet,
it's all  "Vcci=+3.3V, Vcco=0V, Vee=-3V, Vterm=0".
However, I want to use as
"Vcci=+3.3V, Vcco=+1.2V, Vee=-3V, Vterm=+1.2V" to adjust next interface level which similar to  RSPECL.
Data sheet also said as  "RSPECL and RSECL Versions Available".
So, I believe I can use as not only "Vcco=0V" but also such as  "Vcco=+1.2V" or  "Vcco=+2V".

However the concern of me, it is that there are no description of Vcco/Vcci input range except "Absolute Maximum Ratings" in data sheet.