ADF4155 Eval software complaint...

Really? In 2018? People are talking about autonomous driving, but no routine to handle regional settings? :/

Depending on security policy set by the IT dept, not everyone can change these settings.

  • Hello,

    This has been an issue we have been aware of with some of our RF evaluation software for some years now. There is no workaround for this outside of changing the locale of the target PC. The fix is to add code to format each and every string input to handle commas and other decimal place formats. When the software was written this was not done, and to edit the entirety of the software now is currently not feasible so unfortunately this problem will remain for these older products.

    For the future we have taken care of this problem by basing the software for our latest RF products to be released upon Analog Devices' Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software within which this problem has been taken care off.

    Our evaluation software is supplied for demonstration purposed only. I can give you the source code for the ADF4155 software if it would help you out here.




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