LTC6948-4 Single ended RF output matching circuit for 5500 to 6350MHz


We are planning to use your PLL part: LTC6948-4 for output frequency range of 5500 to 6350MHz  output frequencies.

As per your datasheet from 1000 to 5800MHz recommended to use 68nH & 100pF capacitor  for maximum output power and best phase noise performance.

But for our frequency range of 5500 to 6350MHz the above said values will not meet SRF requirements.

So we are planning to use 18nH (0402DC-18NXGRU) & 0.01uF (520L103KT16T) high SRF components.

Is it okay for our above frequency range?

What is the typical single-ended o/p power expected for the above values?

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