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Sir, I have the interest to purchase this AD8302 Arduino board ( EVAL_AD8302-ARDZ) but according to our project,
we want to swap all the frequency in 200 microseconds, will this system work for it? 

And will this system give us the digital data? 

please give more details about this evaluation board software. thank you 

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    on Oct 15, 2018 7:54 AM

    Hi Bh@rgen,

    I just want to clarify if you want to change the frequency every 200us or swap all the frequencies, say n number of frequencies, within 200us?

    The EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ shield uses the ADC channel 0 (A0) and channel 1 (A1) of the board (e.g. Arduino Uno, ADICUP3029, or Linduino One) it will be mounted to to read the ADC codes of the magnitude and phase difference, respectively. To know whether you can still measure the magnitude and phase difference accurately given your project specifications, please check the sampling rate or conversion time of the ADC of the board you will use.

    The ADC of the ADICUP3029 is a 12-bit, 1.8MSPS SAR ADC, which means it needs at least 0.56us per sample. So if you will be using the ADICUP3029 board, it would still be possible to read the right magnitude and phase difference even if you change the frequency every 200us, just make sure to synchronize the frequency change and ADC read properly. However, the output of the EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ would still be in ADC codes, so you still need to do some conversions based on the chosen ADC reference voltage and resolution.

    The evaluation software that comes with the EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ shield does all of these conversions as well as computations for the calibration, but it is only for basic reading and does not support the specification you want for your project. Also, the software is only compatible for the ADICUP3029 board.

    Lastly, just to clarify, the development/source codes to run the shield on the ADICUP3029 are currently not available on the wiki page because they are still the pre-release version, but I can send them to you through email if you need them. 


  • (1) 10 different frequency swap in 200us.( RF is around 200 MHz)

    (2)  please send source codes on this email id

    (3) can I use DC1945A(LTC2185) ADC board to acquire the output of AD8302 board?

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