looking for a phase shifter (500MHz, 360°)


   I'm looking for a digital phase shifter with a bandwidth of DC-1 GHz for a 360° phase shift.

I saw that your company has a vector modulator ADL5390, which can be used as a phase shifter.

How does it work? Is the phase fixed depending on the input VQBB and VIBB or can it be changed? What are the VQBB and VIBB provided by?

Kindly help

Yimei Zhou

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 11, 2018 3:52 PM in reply to yi723@163.com

    Yes, you can keep the amplitude constant and just change the phase of the output.  Please note the phase is not referenced to the input at all, i.e. the phase is not the phase difference between the RF input to the RF output.  But rather, the phase is referenced to the output at its 0 degree setting to some other phase setting. 

    VQBB and VIBB are voltage inputs.  If the signals coming from the DAC are voltage mode, and you scale them appropriately, this should work.