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HMC7992 Switch through path Maximum power handling for OFDM


We are planning to use your SP4T Switch part: HMC7992 for our frequency range of 4 to 5GHz where the maximum input power (rarely) expected is +29dBm (Avg) with PAR value of 6dB (Peak will be +35dBm) due to OFDM signal.

This input is connected only to RFC port so there is no chance of internal termination of this high power signal and switch will be always in through path, There is no Hot-switching at this above input power level.

1. Will it your switch withstand this input power level at +3.3V supply operation?

2. What is the Power handling of your switch if we operate the switch using +5V supply?



  • Hi Sugumar,

    The 3.3V and 5V recommended operating conditions and absolute maximum rating is given in the datasheet. Please refer to pages 3 and 5 of the HMC7992 datasheet. You may also want to look at ADRF5040; it has slightly better power handling than the HMC7992 at 4 to 5GHz.
    +29dBm average is OK, however, +35dBm peak exceeds our AMR condition.

    The recommended operating max for both HMC7992 and ADRF5040 is 33dBm, and the AMR is 34dBm. Stressing the part beyond AMR may cause permanent damage to the part. If the power level rarely (very short duration) exceeds beyond the recommended +33dBm, it may be ok to use, however, we cannot guarantee long term reliability. We do not characterize the parts for power levels beyond the recommended power levels.

    Another alternative to consider would be to use high power SPDTs, such as, the ADRF5132.


  • The recommended SP4T switch ADRF5040 SETTLING time is 7 to 9uS high compared to HMC7992, whereas we need less than 3uS.

    Can you just check what is the absolute maximum ratings only at through path with any standard OFDM signals(LTE or other) which will give some idea about peak power handling for PAPR values of other waveform similar to ADRF5132 switch datasheet specs.