HMC998APM5E 2 watt power amplifier External DC Block capacitor & Drain Bias Vdd issue

Hello everyone,

My question is detailed one and I hope to get my ambiguity clear before using power amplifier:

  • In application circuit it is mentioned (in NOTE 2) to attach external DC block capacitors at RF in. If I want to operate it in broadband i.e (DC-20 GHz) then will I require this capacitor? Is this amplifier suitable for working in this broadband range of frequency? My main confusion is in EVALUATION PCB (page 13) there is no such External capacitor on RFin & RFout.
  • Secondly Drain bias (Vdd) is required (in NOTE 1) and again there is nothing mentioned in EVALUATION PCB. Kindly tell me I just need to provide Vdd alongwith RF choke and external DC block capacitor or there is any other recommended safety element that I should introduce.

I want to clear all these ambiguities because I want to operate it in broadband and want to get all insight of it.