ADL5240 LOGIC input ratings

Hi, Support team

Is it OK to apply the logic pin of the AD5240 before applying VDD?
Is there any possibility of damaging the IC?

Are the ratings of these pins the same as VDD?

  • Exercising the digital logic on the ADL5240 without the power supply active can damage the part.

    In general, for logic inputs and most other I/Os on most products, there’s ESD protection to the supplies. If one forward biases one of these pins for an extended period of time, it will typically lead to the part being damaged. For example, with a supply undriven, it’ll be at 0V. Applying > 0.5V to I/O pins will start to turn on the ESD protection. As the voltage gets higher and higher, it will pull more and more current, eventually damaging the part.

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