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VHF mixer and oscillator


I will be design receiver with mixer with frequency range 73-84MHz and IF frequency 45MHz. I looked your mixers ( for example ADL5350, ADL5801, LTC5510, AD8342, LT5512, AD8343, LT5526) and all your mixers don ´t have any divider fo LO path. Do you have any mixer with integrated divider by 2 or 4. I would like to use with your PLL ADF4360-9 that I use in my other projects. 

If not, do you have suitable similar product as ADF4360-9 for minimum RF output frequency range 25MHz with similar current consuptions and package size?

(It for use Rx channel 12.5KHz, 25kHz channel space and 16QAM modulation). 

Best Regards, Tom.