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ADI PLL Int-N v7 software

This software supports:

ADF4001, ADF4002, ADF4106, ADF4107, ADF4108, ADF41020, ADF4110, ADF4111, ADF4112, ADF4113, ADF4113HV, ADF4116, ADF4117 and ADF4118.

Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit) compatible.

Connection method: CyUSB and SDP. No parallel port support.

Source code here:

  • v7.7.4: Changed default settings for ADF41020. Bug fixes.
  • v7.7.3: Added N counter autowrite feature for when N counter value is manually updated. It can be disabled in the Tools menu.
  • v7.7.2: Frequency hop now only writes N counter. (It used to write all 3 registers.)
  • v7.7.1: Fixed rounding bug in frequency hop feature.
  • v7.7.0:
    • Frequency hop feature now handles manually set R and N.
    • Added new binary control feature:

  • v7.6.0: User can now manually set R and N.
  • v7.5.5: Removed Sync and Delay controls from ADF4116, ADF4117 and ADF4118 - they were wrongly showing.