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ADF4360-x software

The latest ADF4360-x software is attached. This is compatible with all the ADF4360 family.

Installation process:

1. Disconnect any evaluation board

2. Download and run the attached installer

3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked

4. Connect your evaluation board

5. Windows will detect the evaluation board and install the drivers

6. Run the ADF4360-x software from the desktop or Start Menu

7. The status bar of the software should show that the board is connected. If not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the board.

Installer includes USB drivers.

  • v4.3.0: Fixed N value rounding error and improved usability.
  • v4.2.0: Housekeeping.
  • v4.1.2: Added 10 ms delay between Control Latch and N Latch when Write All Latches button is used. See page 17 of ADF4360-7 data sheet.
  • Hi,

    We followed your instructions above to update our ADF4360-8 from an XP computer to a Windows 7 computer. When we connect the ADF4360-8 to the computer it is not being recognized. The boards are about 10 years old, so they are not the latest model. We also have a cord that connects from the comport to a 25 pin ended cord. We no longer have a spot to plug that into our new computer so we are trying to use an USB adapter. The computer recognizes the adapter but not the cord.

    Thanks for any help,


  • "The computer recognizes the adapter" - is this the ADF4xxx adapter board with a mini-USB connector one side and a 25-pin connector on the other? When you run the software and click connect, does it connect successfully?

    If so, it should work.

    The software sends commands to the ADF4xxx adapter board. The adapter board parses those commands into SPI signals. The SPI signals are sent through the 25-pin connector, along to cable, to the ADF4360 evaluation board.