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Hittite VCOs from Analog Devices now available in ADIsimPLL

The following Hittite VCOs from Analog Devices are now available in ADIsimPLL:


HMC507, HMC508, HMC509, HMC510, HMC511, HMC512, HMC513, HMC514, HMC515, HMC529, HMC530, HMC531, HMC534, HMC582, HMC583, HMC584, and HMC632.

Added in v2.0:

HMC391, HMC429, HMC430, HMC431, HMC466, HMC505, and HMC586.

v2.1: Bug fix.


Request additions in the comments below.

Installation instructions:

  1. Ensure ADIsimPLL v3.60.xx+ is installed and has been run at least once.
  2. Close any instances of ADIsimPLL.
  3. Download and extract the attached zip file.
  4. Copy the .lib file from the .zip file to the ADIsimPLL VCO library directory (top menu > Libraries > Explore Library Directory > VCO).
  5. Run ADIsimPLL. The added VCOs will now appear in the VCO Selection page of the ADIsimPLL wizard. See screenshot above.