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ADF4355, ADF4355-2, ADF4355-3, ADF4356, ADF5355, and ADF5356 evaluation board control software

Installation process:

  1. Disconnect any evaluation board.
  2. Download and run the attached installer.
  3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked.
  4. Connect your evaluation board.
  5. Windows will detect the evaluation board and install the drivers.
  6. Run the software from the desktop or Start Menu.
  7. The status bar of the software should show that the board is connected. If not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the board.

Installer includes USB drivers.

Reply to this thread if there are any issues.

Change log:

  • v1.2.3: Changing ADF5356 prescaler limits.
  • v1.2.2: Fixed lock time calculation for ADF4355-3. Fixed ADF4355-3 frequency limits. 
  • v1.2.1: Bug fix in register dump feature.
  • v1.1.10: Added detail to ADF4355-3 frequency update sequence event log.
  • v1.1.9: Bug fixes in initialization and frequency update sequences.
  • v1.1.7: Bug fix - rounding error.
  • v1.1.6: Bug fixes and changes to ADF5356 default register values.
  • v1.1.4: Added ADF5356 prescaler warning (8/9 must be used for frequencies > 6500 MHz)
  • v1.1.3: Added "ADF5356" to application title.
  • v1.1.2: Added ADF5356 and bug fixes.
  • v1.0.10: Added ADF4356.
  • v0.55.10: Bug fixes to RF calculations for very fine resolutions.
  • v0.55.9: Added repeat sweep feature.
  • v0.55.8: Enabled R10 autoset by default for ADF4355 and ADF4355-2.
  • v0.55.7: Corrected R6[10] to match ADF4355, ADF4355-2, ADF4355-3 datasheet. (Bit doesn't matter because it's not connected to anything).
  • v0.55.6: Bug fix to R10 for ADF4355 and ADF4355-2.
  • v0.55.5: Multiple fixes to the ADF4355-3.
  • v0.55.4: Added warnings to avoid errors.
  • v0.55.3: Unreleased.
  • v0.55.2: Added ADF4355-3 control for release.
  • v0.54.0: Changed ADF4355-3 default settings. Minor change to R12 for all parts - set Phase Resync Clock Divider value to 1 to match datasheets.
  • v0.53.3: Improved Manual mode with bug fixes. Added an R6 write to the Frequency Update Sequence because changing the N value changes the optimum negative bleed setting.
  • v0.53.2: Bug fixes
  • v0.53.0: Added new Frequency Update Write Sequence as in Rev. A datasheets.
  • v0.52.0: Housekeeping.
  • v0.51.0: Not released.
  • v0.50.4: Bug fixes in INT, FRAC, MOD calculations.
  • v0.50.3: Fixed minor bug in ADC Clock autoset algorithm.
  • v0.49.0: Housekeeping
  • v0.48.0: Unreleased.
  • v0.47.2: Tweaked charge pump currents to match datasheet. Removed Spectrum Analyzer demo tab. Fixed bug in VCO Band Div algorithm.
  • v0.46.1: Initial release.