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Where can I find software to synthesize a loop filter for legacy, HMC Integrated VCO / PLL Products?

Many users seem to be having difficulties finding evaluation board information and PLL design software to synthesize loop filter values loop bandwidth, settling time, integrated phase noise and more for the legacy HMC Integrated VCO/PLL products. 


The following products are addressed: HMC764LP6CE, HMC765LP6CE, HMC767LP6CE, HMC769LP6CE, HMC778LP6CE, HMC783LP6CE and HMC807LP6CE.


It may surprise you to know that currently, both the HMC PLL Design Software as well as ADI SimPLL support these products. This document outlines the steps to locate the desired software package and in the case of ADI SimPLL, what to select and how to interpret the results due to PLL's that are used within the product but not supported by ADI SimPLL.

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