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Recommended regulators for ADI PLLs and VCOs

PLL Recommended regulator
Low power standalone PLLs and the ADF4360-x narrowband PLL/VCO family (< 100 mA); e.g. ADF41xx, ADF42xx, ADF4360-x

Use the ADP150 regulator; good performance, low cost.

Use ADP7104 for 5 V rails (this is often shared with the VCO supply).

ADF4350 and ADF4351: medium performance wideband PLL/VCO (< 150 mA) ADP150 (if two are used) or ADP151 (if using one); good performance, low cost
Best performance ADF4355 and ADF5355 wideband PLL/VCO (< 400 ma) ADM7150 or ADM7170; lowest noise and best performance
HMC narrowband and tri-band PLL/VCOs: HMC820, HMC821, HMC822, HMC824, HMC826, HMC828, HMC831, HMC836, HMC837, HMC838, HMC839, HMC840 HMC860
Wideband PLL/VCOs: HMC829, HMC830, HMC832, HMC832A, HMC833, HMC834, HMC835 HMC1060
HMC fractional-N PLLs: HMC700, HMC701, HMC702, HMC703, HMC704 HMC860