HMC PLL Design Tool V1.15

Attached is the latest version of the HMC 'PLL Design' tool Version 1.15.  As with earlier versions of this tool, it was developed using MathWorks MatLab platform but doesn't require the end user to have MatLab installed.  However, MatLab's MCR is required.  HMC 'PLL Design' Version 1.15 automatically downloads and installs the required MCR version 8.4 from MathWorks upon installation.  MCR V8.4 is ~400MB.

It is important when performing the installation (by running 'Hittite_PLL_Design_1p15_web.exe') to use the 'Run as administrator' command.

HMC PLL Design V1.15 has a couple of issues as discussed below.  These issues are minor and have a work around until the next version is available.

  1. The icon installed on the desk top does not work.  Delete the icon and re-create another one and it will work.  Use this icon to run the program or run it by doubling clinking on 'Hittite_PLL_Design_Tool.exe' found in "C:\Program Files\Analog_Devices_Inc\Hittite_PLL_Design_Tool\application";
  2. After the program opens, the File -> ‘Load Hittite PLL Model File’ is ‘greyed-out’ because the model files
    are not in the directory with ‘Hittite_PLL_Design_Tool.exe’.  Manually past the attached model
    file directory (in the 'PLL Design' file attached) into the same directory where 'Hittite_PLL_Design_Tool.exe' is located (which is:  "C:\Program Files\Analog_Devices_Inc\Hittite_PLL_Design_Tool\application";

The earlier version of HMC PLL Design V1.1 required MatLab's MCR V7.11 which was not readily available from MathWorks.  If needed, MCR V7.11 has been posted under the following EngineerZone post -->