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HMC980LP4E with HMC998APM5E

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC980LP4E and HMC998APM5E

Hello Everyone,

Kindly tell can we bias the HMC998APM5E amplifier by using the Active Bias Controller IC HMC980LP4E? The amplifier part is not listed in the bias controller datasheet. If it is possible to use, kindly suggest rough circuit to proceed.

  • You can definitely control HMC998A with HMC980. On the HMC980 product page under Tools and Simulation, you will find a downloadable configuration calculator which walks you through the calculation of the components around HMC980. Remember to set the drain current to be equal to the maximum current you expect the amplifier to need during operation. Do not set the drain current to 500 mA. It has to be higher than this (decided this based on the power sweep plots in the HMC998A datasheet.). 

    HMC980 Configuration Calculator [Analog Devices Wiki]

  • If you are operating the amp at 15V and want the maximum current, what current do you set the active bias controller at? 500mA ? higher than this? wouldn't a higher amp rating damage the amplifier?


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