Transfer Function of ADISimPLL Design using ADF4002


My previous question didn't make it, so I'll try again keeping it short.  I'm trying to produce the transfer function for a PLL loop generated by ADISimPLL using an ADF4002.  I managed to get close, but certain aspects of my bode plot don't match the one shown in ADISim.  Is there any way to find out what open/closed loop TF ADISim uses when plotting?

PS. My previous question had a link to a stackexchange question I posted recently.  The SE question has quite a bit more detail, however I think the link got my previous question (on this site) marked as spam!  If moderators deem it safe, maybe you could re-instate the link, since it would avoid me having to type all the specifics out again here.

  • Hi buck8pe. Sorry to bother you. Actually, i am confused about the transfer function of ADISimPLL Design using ADF4002 too. As you say, the current output of ADF4002 might be the key point(compared to voltage output). But i am not clear about the detailed derivation of your work, could you show me some picture about you derivation that can solve my doubts. Thanks for your help!