Packages options for ADL5801 ACPZ

Dear Analog Devices team and all,

We're working with ADL5801ACPZ mixer and its evaluation board.

According to datasheet we've ordered ADL5801ACPZ package IC but what we've received is something different.

We're trying to findout the package and its details but not able to do so as on Mouser / Element14 and even on Analog devices there is only one part which is ADL5801ACPZ-R7 which is 24-Lead Lead Frame Chip Scale Package [LFCSP_VQ]. It has some cuts on all the edges but what we've received is square package which is difficult to mount on PCB. On Our IC ADL5801ACPZ#1804 

I've attached both of the photographs below please can some one help me in this?

Eval Board  


My PCB image is below

My PCB is not giving any output with same configuration on Eval board.

Any help would be appreciated 

Thanks and Regards

Abhishek Parikh

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd