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Temperature Monitor REF02

REF02 Specifications for Voltage Output at TEMP Pin was changed with Datasheet-Revision J from 550mV to 580mV.

But all following Revisions (including actual Rev.M) still show the description „…The nominal voltage at the TEMP pin (VTEMP) is approximately 550 mV at 25°C, with a temperature coefficient (TCVTEMP) of approximately 1.96 mV/°C…“ .

What is the datecode for changing to 580mV?

  • Hi Walterm,

    I suspect the reason it still shows up in the application section as 550mV was an oversight--especially since it's a typical specification.

    I'm checking with a product line application engineer to see if there's any method to determine the datecode at which the new spec took effect.

    Best Regards,


  • Analog Devices generates a product change notice (PCN) if a critical minimum or maximum specification is changed on a data sheet. These PCNs can be located on the product page under "Design Resources"

    However, if characterization data indicates the need for a change to a "Typical" specification, such as the TEMP  output voltage, a PCN is not generated, and there is no way to track the data sheet revision to specific data codes.

    Since the TEMP voltage is a typical spec, some type of external calibration would be needed for good accuracy. However, the voltage can be used to set upper or lower alarm limits if the accuracy is not critical.

    A 30mV change in the typical TEMP voltage would be about 15degC, so that would be an indication of the accuracy of the temperature measurement without external calibration.

    Best Regards, Walt

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