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CN0350 for Piezo strain

Hi, I have read your CN0350 , it seems design for a  piezoelectric accelerometer. 

Can I use it to measure the piezoelectric  strain ? How to modify it??

Thank you so much.


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  • What about LTC2067. Will it be better than ADA4051-2

  • Hi Plawat,

    Note that this thread is 6 years old, you should start a new question in the amplifiers forum.

    Or, given that the CN0350 is a complete digitizer, there may be a more modern ADC that does not require any external signal conditioning. The AD7124-4 is the first part that comes to mind - it's got a sample rate as high as 19.2 ksps, and a built-in PGA.

    But again - better to ask in those product forums with your specific requirements - include a datasheet for the piezo strain gauge you are using, and, which specs are most important in your end application (power consumption? Sample rate? Accuracy - offset, gain error, drift, etc.?