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ad-fmcdaq2 and eval01-hmc1097 single-ended

we want to use the ad-fmcdaq2 board to drive the hmc1097 eval board. however, the output of the ad-fmcdaq2 is single ended while the hmc1097 eval board input is differential. can we just 50ohm terminate the N channel of the hmc1097 BB_I/Q and connect the ad-fmcdaq2 out to the P channel or do we need to convert the single-ended out to differential? if we have to convert back to differential, what would you recommend?

  • Hi,

    It is recommended to use differential input signals to reduce even-order distortion products.  There are a number of single ended to differential amplifier solutions offered by ADI; please check the website for something suitable for your baseband frequency range.

    If you must drive the HMC1097 single ended, you will need to do the following:

    1. Drive all inputs with common mode voltage.
    2. AC ground the unused inputs.

    Best Regards,