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CN0566 with PlutoSDR and Raspberry Pi: MATLAB : matlabshared.libiio.base/getDev

Category: Software
Product Number: CN0566
Software Version: 21R2 SD CARD Image

We are using CN0566 with 21R2 SD CARD image and experiencing the following error when running the receiverDataCollection.m example code:

Error using matlabshared.libiio.base/cstatusid
Failed to find device: one-bit-adc-dac.

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/getDev

Error in adi.internal.AXICorePlutoTDD/setupInit (line 386)
obj.GPIODevIIO = obj.getDev('one-bit-adc-dac');

Error in adi.PlutoTDD/setupInit (line 58)

Error in adi.PlutoTDD/setupImpl (line 53)

Error in setupTddEngine (line 7)

Error in setupAntenna (line 16)
bf_TDD = setupTddEngine();

Error in findTxFrequency (line 21)
[rx,bf,~,tx,bf_TDD] = setupAntenna(f_start);

Error in receiverDataCollection (line 26)
fc_hb100 = findTxFrequency();

>> which matlabshared.libiio.base
C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2023b\toolbox\shared\libiio\base\+matlabshared\+libiio\base.p % matlabshared.libiio.base constructor

Is this a known issue? Is this error due to version issue? Please suggest.